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Renewable Services

Branding and visual identity

CH Services: Illuminating a Path to Sustainability

Meet CHS, a visionary force in the realms of electrical and renewable energy solutions, carving out its niche as a champion of sustainable energy.


Renowned for its innovative spirit and dedication to customer satisfaction, CHS recognised the pivotal moment to elevate its brand to mirror its esteemed market stature and forward-looking aspirations. This transformative journey, aimed at reshaping CHS' visual narrative, was sparked to polish its brand perception, deepen customer engagement, and enhance its visibility amid the bustling competitive arena.


In this case study, we'll unravel the strategic magic wielded by nmcDesign to craft a vibrant and compelling brand identity that truly resonates with CHS' ethos of excellence and sustainability. This new identity is designed not just to keep pace but to lead in a swiftly evolving industry, ensuring CHS shines as a beacon of innovation and integrity.

CHS 12.png
CHS 19.png
  • The current logo lacks versatility and spark.
  • Predictability dulling competitive edge.
  • Digital presence in dire need of a boost.
  • Aiming for seamless brand consistency across all media.
CHS 9.png
CHS 21.png
Our Approach:

In Concept Development, we delved deep into competitor research and market leadership studies, always with an eye for the intriguing and innovative. Our goal was to integrate elements that not only stood out but also resonated with a modern, eco-friendly vibe.
During Client Collaboration, we began with a discovery meeting to truly grasp the core of their story. Here, we introduced three initial design concepts, worked together to choose a style, and created a dynamic colour palette and brand fonts. Our ongoing dialogue ensured that every step in the brand’s evolution mirrored CHS' vision and values.

In Strategic Design, we focused on crafting versatile design solutions that seamlessly adapted between digital and physical platforms.
CHS 6.png
CHS 5.png
CHS 22.png
Solutions Unleashed:

We crafted a sleek, confident logo that embodied quality, sustainability, and reliability. A carefully curated colour palette reflected the brand’s dedication to renewable energy, featuring earthy greens and deep oceanic blues. The logo was bold and clear, designed to stand out on both digital and print media, ensuring it was both recognisable and memorable.
CHS 20.png
CHS 7.png

We achieved a meteoric rise in brand recognition and consistency across all platforms. Additionally, there was a significant boost in customer engagement and digital presence.
CHS 13.png
CHS 16.png
CHS 8.png
Connect with Us:

Ready to transform your brand’s visual identity? Contact nmcDesign, where your vision met our creative finesse. We created something spectacular together!
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