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Cycling Ireland

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Cycling Ireland launched a new Women in Sport campaign, ‘IT’S NOT A RACE*’ to coincide with Women in Sport week, running from March 2022.

The campaign celebrates the many female cyclists who make up the broad spectrum of women who actively participate in cycling across its many forms. As importantly, it celebrates the many reasons why women and girls cycle. And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s not always a race.

The campaign manifesto below tells the story of the women and girls who appear in the campaign - from the advocates who are promoting cycling in their communities, to National Champions Lara Gillespie and Orla Walsh, to Katie Turner, Lucy McClintock and Summer Glynn who are taking the cycling community by storm at a young age.

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Remember that.

Cycling is freedom and fearlessness.

It’s being fast for my age. For any age.

It’s friends, family and fitness.

It’s the school run. A convoy of confident young women. 

Sometimes it’s all uphill. But then it’s downhill again. Fast. 

It’s a new start. Wind in your hair. Mud on your face.

It’s a solution to problems. On a daily basis.



Ask Lara, national champion at 19.

Ask Orla, sprinting in circles at 1000 watts.

Ask Eve to see her gold medals.

Ask Summer, Katie and Lucy, fast & furious, beating the boys.


Find your race. Even if it's not a race.

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