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Cafe & Deli

Branding and visual identity

Enzo’s, a promising venture by brothers Adriano and Dario Cavaliere, introduces an exciting gastronomical experience in the evolving area of Ferrybank, Waterford. Born from a desire to bring quality coffee and food to a location on the brink of expansion, Enzo’s aims to tap into the freshly brewing market potential ignited by the new bridge over the river Suir.

The Cavaliere brothers, not new to the restaurant business, bring the charm and experience from their existing endeavours: Azzurro Restaurant, Bishops Place, and The Shack, infusing trust and prestige into Enzo’s vibrant ambiance.

Enzos Cafe_Deli 003.png

Enzo’s dives into a market where the existing competition is a nondescript general store, with a lacklustre and predictable range of products. The target audience seeks a fresh and friendly space for casual meet-ups and quality fare, away from the dated pubs of the area, sparking a preference for Enzo’s relaxed and contemporary environment.
The design choice of minimalism echoes the building’s historical roots and caters to the community’s expectations, drawing inspiration from the premises’ former life as a butcher’s shop and maintaining a coherent visual connection with the chopping block and the tiles.

Enzos Cafe_Deli 0017.png
Enzos Cafe_Deli 002.png
Enzos Cafe_Deli 006.png

The strategic journey, initiated before the property acquisition, involved thorough research, countless brainstorming sessions, and meticulous planning to ensure a timeless and adaptable brand identity. The initial concept of a temporary pop-up cafe evolved into a future-proof design, responding to the overwhelming community reception and anticipation.
Personal connections were fostered through local collaborations and open dialogues with the community from the planning stages, echoing mutual respect and understanding of the locale’s culture and expectations.

Enzos Cafe_Deli 007.png
Enzos Cafe_Deli 0013.png

The final design reflects a harmonious blend of comfort and modernity, with warm colours symbolising the richness of coffee and the luxury of Italian cuisine, and the elongated typography optimising visibility and recognition. The design not only preserves but also enhances the legacy of the previous brands, ensuring a seamless and enriching brand experience.

Enzos Cafe_Deli 008.png
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The results showcase a cohesive and innovative brand identity, steering a design revolution in an evolving neighbourhood. Enzo’s has become a beacon of change and excitement, offering a new and diverse space for the community to converge and savour unique culinary delights.

Reflecting on the smooth execution and the synergised approach, the project underscores the importance of long-term planning and adaptability, even for transient concepts, and the pivotal role of engaging and understanding the local community in shaping a successful and resonant brand.

Enzos Cafe_Deli 009.png
Enzos Cafe_Deli 001.png
Group 48_2x.png

Enzo’s Café & Deli, a culinary brainchild of the experienced Cavaliere brothers, rejuvenated the heart of Ferrybank, Waterford by offering a fresh, modern haven for the community. Tapping into a niche, Enzo's successfully challenged the status quo by blending the location's historical essence with a contemporary and luxurious design, emphasising warm colours and visible typography. 

Thanks to extensive research, strategic planning, and fostering local collaborations, nmcDesign crafted a cohesive brand identity for Enzo’s that resonated deeply within the community, showcasing the brand's adaptability and understanding of local nuances. The results? A transformative space that not only offers delectable cuisines but also stands as a testament to nmcDesign's expertise in branding and design.

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