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IT'S NOT A RACE* Campaign

Promotional Campaign
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Cycling Ireland launched a captivating Women in Sport campaign, titled 'IT'S NOT A RACE*,' coinciding with Women in Sport Week in March 2022.

The campaign celebrated the diverse group of female cyclists who actively participated in various forms of cycling. It emphasized that cycling was not solely about competitive racing but encompassed a wide range of motivations for women and girls to ride.

The campaign manifesto beautifully told the stories of the remarkable women and girls who appeared in the campaign. It highlighted the passionate advocates who promoted cycling within their communities, the extraordinary National Champions like Lara Gillespie and Orla Walsh, and the talented young cyclists, Katie Turner, Lucy McClintock, and Summer Glynn, who were making a significant impact in the cycling community.

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Remember that.
Cycling is freedom and fearlessness.
It’s being fast for my age. For any age.
It’s friends, family and fitness.
It’s the school run. A convoy of confident young women. 
Sometimes it’s all uphill. But then it’s downhill again. Fast. 
It’s a new start. Wind in your hair. Mud on your face.
It’s a solution to problems. On a daily basis.
Ask Lara, national champion at 19.
Ask Orla, sprinting in circles at 1000 watts.
Ask Eve to see her gold medals.
Ask Summer, Katie and Lucy, fast & furious, beating the boys.
Find your race. Even if it's not a race.
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