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At nmcDesign, we love a good story, especially one that involves transforming how a company presents itself to the world. Our recent project with Oakbrew Swiss is a perfect example of that.

Oakbrew Swiss: A Premier Sports Marketing Agency

Oakbrew Swiss is a top-tier sports marketing agency with a knack for major event hosting, cycling partnerships, and advisory services. Over the past three decades, they’ve made their mark in various sports sectors, including cycling, rugby, and Formula 1. Led by Darach McQuaid, Oakbrew Swiss combines deep expertise with a passion for sports, creating strategic partnerships and large-scale events on a global scale.


Discover more about their services and impactful projects at

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Oakbrew Swiss, a top sports marketing agency, aimed to create a modern, user-friendly website to highlight their services and history.

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The Backstory

Partnering with Branding Sport and nmcDesign, they sought to revamp their online presence.

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Our Approach


We streamlined navigation, used high-quality visuals, and integrated the ‘plus’ sign from their logo to enhance brand identity.



Balancing their extensive history and achievements without overwhelming visitors was essential.

Highlighting Their Story


To emphasise their rich history, we included sections detailing their journey and key milestones. This approach provided visitors with insight into the company’s background, enhancing trust and credibility.

Clarity and Assurance


We highlighted their significant achievements and growth through dedicated sections. This not only offered a comprehensive view of their evolution but also reinforced their authority and experience in the industry.

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The Outcome

Working closely with Paddy at Branding Sport and the tech team at MediaHelm, who handled the backend development, we brought the new Oakbrew Swiss website to life. The result was a sleek, modern site that perfectly showcased Oakbrew’s legacy and expertise.

The feedback was fantastic.


Engagement rates went up significantly, showing that the new design truly resonated with visitors.

Check out the Oakbrew Swiss website here to see how we transformed their online presence.

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