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Cycling Ireland

Promotional Campaign

"It's Not A Race*" was conceived in collaboration with Patrick Murphy of Branding Sport and Cycling Ireland, igniting a flame within the world of women's cycling. This campaign sought to echo the passion, freedom, and essence of cycling, highlighting it as a versatile activity, not just a competition, through striking visuals of female cyclists and impactful narratives.
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The spotlight was on every woman, from the casual cyclist to the fervent racer, focusing on showcasing strength and inclusivity in cycling. This was not about rivalling; it was about revitalising and connecting. We found that powerful visuals and relatable content made the message more resonant, emphasising the camaraderie, energy, and spirit of the sport. The design drew inspiration from the strong and independent women it represented, ensuring the focus stayed on them.
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Innovation came in the form of a seemingly subtle asterisk in "It’s Not A Race*", a hidden gem linking to meaningful subtext, creating an exploratory journey for the viewer and sparking discoveries about various brand ambassadors. The compelling photography from a day-long shoot with these ambassadors at Cycling Ireland HQ, combined with the simplicity and clarity of design, amplified the brand's narrative.
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The simplicity was the soul of the final design solutions, allowing the powerful images of the cyclists to narrate the story, and the common yet provocative phrase "It’s Not A Race*" acted as a magnetic pull, creating a mental tussle, making the campaign linger longer in the minds of the audience.
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The innovative juxtaposition of elements made the campaign a talk of the town across platforms, encouraging women and girls to embrace cycling. The campaign's reverberating success was, however, shadowed by minor inconsistencies in colour design due to time constraints. The journey taught the essence of meticulous planning and the significance of time in achieving perfection.
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A collaboration with Branding Sport and Cycling Ireland, the campaign was a trailblazer, achieving more than anticipated, and inspiring countless to pedal into the world of cycling. It wasn’t just a project; it was a celebration of the cycling spirit, a tribute to the female cyclists breaking the norms and, most importantly, a message to the world—cycling is not always a race; sometimes, it’s a journey, a revelation, and a celebration.
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