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Garter Lane Arts Cantre & Waterford City Library.

Art Development Project.

Restoration is the result of many hours of work, talk, planning, and installation, and nmcDesign would like to thank all the artists who worked on it and those who helped them.

Restoration aimed to increase the public's awareness and understanding of the artists, their work, and their studios.

The concept was bolstered by a casual chat with the library's personnel. The library services in Ireland are such an indelible part of any city or town's social fabric that the yearly number of organizations, clubs, societies, and events hosted by a county's libraries is almost uncountable.

The libraries had to reimagine their production and reconfigure their outreach programs in response to the epidemic. Using Garter Lane's marketing department, we disseminated artwork to a nationwide audience.

By putting the work in libraries, the life of the art is shown to the viewer, whether in a digital or physical environment.

Waterford, Ireland

Restoration 02.png
Restoration 01.png
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