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The Vintage Parlour


Visual Identity

If you are looking for a venue to sit, have a drink, talk and surround yourself with a genuine vintage feel, this vibrant cafe is just the place for you.

The Parlour is a unique gem situated in the bustling heart of Waterford City has set the bar for any aspiring vintage merchants.

Parlour Old Logo
The Parlour Logo
The Parlour



To get to know The Parlour I spent some time in the venue, getting an understanding of the coffee and wifi, talking to the customers and staff and watching the interactions. By visiting during different periods of the day I would talk to all different profiles. Soon a few emerged. 

Spent time in the café
Drank coffee
Interviewed owners
Ate cake and sandwiches
Had wine and beer
Went to a wedding
Met the President (True story!)
Talked to staff
Interviewed customers

The Parlour


The old logo was outdated and needed updating to be representative of the brand.

A new on-brand logo was needed for the new bar.

The Parlour record player
The Parlour Logo
The Parlour customer profile
The Parlour outside signage
The Parlour Invite
The Parlour
The Parlour menu
Gram 001.png


The Parlour iPad
The Parlour stationary



The new logo is slick and quick witted. A reflection of the moxie, the devil may care attitude, of the screaming, indulgent 1920’s. 

Feisty and direst, the logo makes a recognisable statement.

There is a structured directness to the logo, which is displayed by the staff uniforms.

The familiar of the past is brought from the building, but more importantly, the vintage décor of the café and bar. 

The Parlour tea set
The Parlour stamp
nmcDesign Logo
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