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The mission of nmcDesign is at the heart of all we do...

To solve communication challenges with creative, innovative and engaging design solutions.

And our vision is what gets us to the desk on a cold February morning.

To create meaningful interactions that stimulate, provoke and enrich the world.

A simple approach.

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As a graphic design studio, our goals are clear.

1. Identify the problem.
2. Come up with solutions to address the problem.

We want to hear your thoughts, learn about the difficulties you’re encountering and put a finger on the problem that needs addressing. 

Then we all step back, use the process and come up with innovative solutions to address those requirements.

Above all, we want to go above and beyond the brief.

We Build for the Long Term.

We give organisations and communities the tools and resources they need to create strategies that focus on people's lives and grow in ways that help them and the rest of the world.

Our design studio is built on a sense of why we do what we do. We are always looking for the deeper questions so that we can show you a clear way for your business to move forward. It all starts with a solid plan, whether you're trying to build a new brand identity or spread your environmental message.

Visual Communication.

Through our visually engaging work, we bring design, brand identity, journeys, and strategies to life.

We design brand identity, tools, infographics, statistical information, editorial and communication campaigns, as well as assets for your social media presence.

Co-design is the best way for organisations and communities to get better. Designing with your community and the environment around you made it possible for the visual solution to fit in.

How we work.

We take a deep look at your business and then identify what it needs to be focused on. We help you understand the options open to you and how nmcDesign can help. 

Our work is engaging, insightful, recognisable, and stimulating; together, we will explore and develop ideas and turn them into real-world conversation pieces.

Success comes from working together and making things together. We help shape your project. You can count on us to give you a solid base to build your ideas and solve even the hardest problems. We aren't afraid to ask hard questions to get the best results from your creativity.

Who are we.

Neill MacCann.


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With over a decade’s experience primarily in the arts, entertainment, and hospitality industries; Neill has focused on amplifying the personality of brands through graphics, illustration, and typography.
Among the diverse range of clients that I have done identity, branding, and design work for are; The Design Lab, Waterford Walls, Cycling Ireland, Spraoi, The Men’s Development Network, Garter Lane Arts Centre, Maxi Zoo, and Hiscox.

Neill’s work is guided by a strong belief in design as a communicator of the personality, and by extension the “WHY” of a brand. Through this implicit signalling of purpose, Neill believes that greater, and more sustainable relationships are formed between brands and their demographics. With this as a goal, Neill sees it as a given that a deep contextual understanding of each project is required for optimal results.

In terms of process, Neill prefers to begin with a blank slate and an open mind. Then, through a client led process, he affords consideration to all approaches and styles to best discover the mode of visual communication most appropriate to the brand in question. A designer’s job is not only to create the work, but to bestow the clients with an understanding of its value.

A selection of clients we've had the pleasure to work with.

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