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Welcome to where strategy meets visual storytelling, and global perspectives ignite brand transformation. I'm your go-to Brand Identity Designer, backed by a BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communications) and an educational stint in Building Services Engineering Technology. From Cardiff to Cambodia, my international experiences breathe life into every project.

Interdisciplinary Education: I honed my skills in engineering and design, mastering the art of solving complex problems in solo and team settings. This unique blend sets me up for challenges that demand an intersection of engineering pragmatism and design creativity.


Over a decade of nmcDesign: Specialising in the sports, non-profit, and academic sectors, I've spent over a decade delivering strategic, purpose-driven design solutions. My mission is simple—ask the tough questions and find innovative ways to elevate your brand's identity.

Recent Endeavours: My exploratory journey in behavioural design with Nudge adds a new layer to my branding expertise. My tenure at Fuzion Communications revolved around synthesising brand stories into cohesive and compelling narratives.

Worldly Wisdom: Living globally has armed me with a diverse perspective in brand identity design. Whether employing engineering pragmatism or understanding consumer psychology, my multifaceted approach turns brand strategy into brand success.

Never Stop Learning: Staying ahead of trends isn't an option; it's a necessity. As a lifelong learner, I'm ever-expanding my skills, hungry for the next groundbreaking project.

Equipped with this diverse skill set, I’m keen on making a lasting impact through brand identity design. Ready to connect and manifest your vision? Let's chat.

The mission of nmcDesign is at the heart of all we do...
To solve communication challenges with creative, innovative and engaging design solutions.
And our vision is what gets us to the desk on a cold February morning.
To create meaningful interactions that stimulate, provoke and enrich the world.
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A Focused, Client-Led Approach.

As a seasoned Brand Identity Designer, I adhere to a straightforward, yet deeply insightful strategy:

  1. Pinpoint the Challenge.

  2. Engineer Creative Solutions.


I delve into your pain points and brand challenges to identify the precise issues that require attention. From there, we collectively step back to initiate a tailored process, generating innovative, purpose-driven solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

Long-Term Vision, Real-World Impact.

With over 13 years in the industry, I've honed the skill of empowering organizations and communities with the strategic tools they need for meaningful growth. My work doesn't just answer immediate challenges; it lays the foundation for sustainable connections between brands and their audience. My commitment to understanding the 'WHY' behind your brand sets the stage for long-term success, whether you're crafting a new brand identity or amplifying an environmental cause.

Visual Storytelling, Done Right.

Through visually compelling designs, I breathe life into your brand identity, journeys, and overall strategy. I specialise in a wide array of design facets, including visual identity, editorial campaigns, and social media assets. My expertise is backed by a BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communications), fused with invaluable insights from Services Engineering.

The Co-Design Advantage.

I believe in the power of collaboration. Engaging with your community and considering the surrounding environment ensures that the final design seamlessly integrates with your brand's ecosystem.

Here’s How We Collaborate.

First, I immerse myself in understanding your business's unique needs and opportunities. My approach is not just to offer solutions but to empower you with a deep understanding of the available options and how nmcDesign can elevate your brand.

My designs are not just visually appealing; they're insightful, strategically aligned, and crafted to spark meaningful conversations. Through our collaborative efforts, we'll unearth groundbreaking ideas and transform them into actionable, real-world solutions.

Your brand’s journey to success involves solving complex problems and answering challenging questions. I'm here to be your committed design partner, unafraid to dig deep and eager to leverage your creativity for optimum results. Let's build something extraordinary, together.

A bit of history.

Neill MacCann.

nmcDesign Founder

Ready to evolve your brand into a conversation starter and head-turner? You've landed in just the right place. I'm Neill, a Brand Identity Designer with over a decade of specialised experience and a BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communications) fused with a background in Building Services Engineering Technology. My unique blend of design and engineering education enables me to offer something that even the big agencies can't—a hyper-focused, all-in partnership centred on you and your brand.


I've had the privilege to design brand identities for a diverse portfolio of clients, spanning from established sports organisations like Swim Ireland, LGFA and Squash Ireland to impactful non-profits such as the Men’s Development Network and the Spraoi International Street Arts Festival. 

To put it simply, design is taking complicated ideas and information and make them easy to understand and follow. 

Neill Headshot 001.png

Here’s how it works: it's just you and me, diving deep into the essence of your brand. Forget about corporate red tape and endless approval chains. I offer a pure, undiluted focus on your project, taking the time to intimately understand your challenges, dreams, and unique selling points.

The result? A custom-tailored design journey you won't find elsewhere. Your project will never be a drop in an ocean of obligations; it will be my central focus, receiving the detailed scrutiny and creative energy it genuinely deserves. You'll end up with a brand that exceeds even your loftiest expectations.

So, if you're looking for a committed design ally who will go the extra mile to delve into and articulate your brand's unique essence, you've just found your match. Let's embark on this exhilarating journey together and transform your brand into the next big talk of the industry. Ready to craft something extraordinary? Let's connect.

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  • What is brand identity design?
    Look, brand identity design is not just slapping a logo onto everything and calling it a day. No, no. It's like the soul of your company. You wouldn't just wear any random outfit to define yourself, would you? So why would you do that to your business?
  • How does brand identity differ from brand image?
    Brand identity is what you think you are. It's all the colors, fonts, and logos you carefully picked out. Brand image? That's how other people see you. You can put on the fanciest suit in the world, but if you're a jerk, people will see right through it.
  • What are the essential components of brand identity design?
    You've got your logo, your colours, and your fonts. It's like making a sandwich; each layer adds flavour. But remember, you can't just throw everything in there. You have to be choosy; otherwise, you'll end up with a mess no one wants to bite into.
  • How can brand identity design influence my business?
    Imagine going to a job interview dressed like you're going to a rave. Yeah, no one will take you seriously. A solid brand identity is like a good suit; it commands respect and attention. Your business needs that same respect if you're going to win the game.
  • Can a rebranding effort improve my brand identity?
    Ah, rebranding! That's like going to rehab for companies. You come out refreshed, renewed, and hoping people will forget all the embarrassing stuff you did before. But, it's a risk. If you don't get it right, you might just end up in the same spiral.
  • How do nmcDesign approach a new project?
    Look, every project is like a new canvas. You don't slap the paint around and call it a masterpiece. It takes understanding, strategy, and a bit of soul-searching. nmcDesign dive into your company's core values, what you stand for, and then we bring it to life.
  • What's the philosophy?
    Here's the deal: we're in an age of clutter. Billboards, pop-ups, neon lights – it's like a never-ending carnival out there. The nmcDesign philosophy is simplicity. Cut through the noise. No gimmicks, just pure, authentic design that speaks to the soul.
  • How do nmcDesign handle tight deadlines?
    Tight deadlines? Hey, we're all running against the clock, aren't we? While nmcDesign can't bend time (yet), nmcDesign make sure that quality never takes a backseat. nmcDesign plan, prioritize, and hit the gas pedal when needed.
  • What kind of clients does nmcDesign usually work with?
    nmcDesign have had the privilege to work with a range of clients. From sports bodies craving to make a big impact to non-profits wanting to change the world. Variety is the spice of life, and it keeps the creative juices flowing too.
  • How do nmcDesign measure the success of a project?
    Success isn't just a bunch of numbers on a sheet. It's about making a real, tangible impact. Did we stop people in their tracks? Did we get them to think, to feel, to act? That's the true measure of a project's success.
  • Does nmcDesign provide long-term support?
    Absolutely. Good design is an evolving process, not a one-and-done deal. nmcDesign are here to provide the support you need, long after the project is wrapped up. Because in this rapidly changing world, adaptation is the key to survival.
  • Can nmcDesign work within your budget?
    Budget is like gravity; it's always there, pulling us back to reality. While nmcDesign can't ignore it, what we can do is make the most out of what we have. I believe in providing the best value, without compromising on quality.


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